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PIVOT Our Story


PIVOT. is the result of two friends who first met in 2008, during their first year in a Bachelor of Arts in Dance at the University of Calgary. Grinding through undergrad, Alèn and Alisa saw gaps in the arts and how thinly resources were, and continue to be stretched. But upon graduation, each co-founder pursued separate arts and administration focused education and careers. Keeping in touch while working and studying around the country and internationally, the idea was born about how they could best impact the arts with their education and experiences.

Their careers eventually reunited them in Calgary. Again, the conversations turned to how they could participate in developing the Canadian arts sector. And from that PIVOT. was created. 

PIVOT. is the arts management and venue consulting group that lives immersed in the arts world, bringing its knowledge and experience to its clients in order to find the best arts centred experience.

Alisa MacKinnon PIVOT


Co-Founder / Consultant

Alisa earned her BA in Dance from the University of Calgary. While working with artists she realized the need for strong administrative support from someone who knows and lives the challenges artists face. She moved to Toronto and earned her MBA, MA in Dance, and Graduate Diploma in Arts and Media Management. Alisa’s worked for different sized arts organizations in Toronto. She is dedicated to finding the best solutions for artists and organizations that give the artist the ability to freely create.

Image Credit: Melodic Imagery


Co-Founder / Consultant

Alèn has been working with performing arts venues and companies for over a decade, honing his experience with hands-on operations, theatre and arts centre management, consulting on the design and operational plans for venues in the concept and construction phases. He also lectures at the University of Calgary and Mount Royal University. He holds an MA in Ethnochoreology from the University of Limerick and a BA in Dance from the University of Calgary.

Alèn Martel PIVOT.

Image Credits: Melodic Imagery

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